Quality, service, and innovation have been the cornerstones of our business since 1986. These values help ensure User Safety remains our number one priority.
As the world’s leading supplier of less lethal pepper round launchers for nearly 20 years, our products are widely used by thousands of Federal, State, Local, and International police, military, and private security agencies.
Mission Less Lethal™ now offers distributors, agencies and consumers direct access to a full range of products with a new segment for the public that includes personal, home and institutional protection.
Mission™ is now committed to connecting civilians to viable less lethal technologies with our new PROTX™ brand. We have created products that will make people safer in their homes, businesses and public settings.
We are excited to work with business leaders and communities in developing new and improving existing less lethal options to meet their security needs. Mission Less Lethal™ has created the PROTX™ brand so that we may all LIVESAFE in our homes and in public.
These products are safe and easy to use, even for the most novice individuals. PROTX™has met the challenges of Personal and Home Protection, Animal Deterrence and Institutional Defense.