PROTX™ Home and Personal Defense is aimed at providing effective less-lethal protection options for people in their homes or on the move. Whether defending your home from burglary, an intruder or yourself and family in any other compromising or dangerous scenario, the PROTX™TPR pistol and TCR™ launcher are the less-lethal solutions for you.
Mission™ PROTX™ launchers designed to deliver an incapacitating agent directly to a suspect or area by bursting on impact to create a 5-foot defensive cloud of chemical irritant. This enables even the least proficient users to target the ground or an area next to an attacker, while still effectively neutralizing the target.
With a 7 or 12 round magazine, simply load up your TPR or TCR™ with our Mission™ Munitions and a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, and you will be ready to engage and fend off any threat at a distance of up to 66 feet.